Quality - In the smallest detail

Flexbox post boxes are designed to withstand our harsh climate. With over 300,000 units sold around Europe, we know they live up to our promise. Now is the time to review your post box. Can it last another season or is it time to trade up?

Create your own sign

When you buy a post box from us, an exclusive sign is included that is easily pushed into the sign compartment. You can design the sign yourself, and it is easy to replace and change the look of your post box.

Get creative

Your own design on a post box, sheet metal sign, acrylic sign or maybe on a sticker. The possibilities are many and you get it delivered within a couple of days.

Design directly online

In our tool you can design your print exactly as you want. A company logo, a picture of your animal or texts in different fonts and colors. You can also choose images and motifs from our library that are constantly being expanded.

Time for a new post box

The post boxes are sent directly to you without intermediaries. The post boxes are made of strong hot-dip galvanized sheet steel which is powder-coated with the highest quality paint. A sign is always included in the purchase of a letterbox (value €30).

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Safety rated parcel post boxes from Flexbox

Flexbox have the perfect post box for your online shopping. The range is extensive parcel boxes in many different designs and colors. We offer parcel boxes in the highest security and quality class. We are our own from design to sale. We are Flexbox! The throw-in construction, is easy and convenient for the postman to open and holds thanks to it's theft prevention, thieves at proper distance. And last but not least, it can receive parcels of dimensions up to 35 x 25 x 8 cm.

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Flexbox offers aesthetically high quality postal solutions in powerful Scandinavian design, some of them designed especially for us by professional architects.


Flexbox sells directly without intermediaries. It gives the customer a price without equivalent in the market and direct contact with us who make sure that both products and customers are doing well. In the long run.


What is least visible is also what affects the lifespan most. Flexbox postal solutions are therefore always manufactured with materials and methods that can withstand the harshest climates and conditions.

Multiple occupancy post boxes

A good multiple occupancy post box is stylish, safe and durable. Flexbox offers solutions that combine the requirements of architects and builders with the residents' wishes for a multiple occupancy post box that is user-friendly, durable and representative. The multiple occupancy post box come in ready-made combinations from three to eighteen compartments and can easily be assembled into larger units that solve the need in almost every property. The multiple occupancy post box can be mounted hanging or built into the wall. All multiple occupancy post boxes are available in seven standard colors, but can optionally be supplied in all NCS colors. A new feature is our security doors, a revolutionary innovation from Flexbox. The security doors allow you to create a personal expression. We print the door directly in our unique four-color machine. In addition, the security doors work well in outdoor installation, giving a discreet impression as the security doors conceal the post boxes themselves, while standing strong and protecting against weather and wind. The units can be mounted both indoors and outdoors. The design is adapted to withstand the Scandinavian climate.

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