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The post boxes are sent directly to you without intermediaries. The post boxes are made of strong hot-dip galvanized steel sheet which is powder coated with the highest quality paint. Our lockable models are equipped with a strong turn lock, where you choose whether the post box should be locked or unlocked.
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You design the appearance for yourself on our website to your exact specifications. You can choose colour, logo, font and more, and you can even use your own image as a background. The whole process is child's play and takes just a few minutes.
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Solutions for real estate

Flexible solutions for total freedom of choice

A good multiple occupancy post box is stylish, safe and durable. Flexbox offers solutions that combine the requirements of architects and builders with the residents' wishes for a multiple occupancy post box that is user-friendly, durable and representative.

Solutions for professionals

Scandinavian postal solutions in highest quality

The new Flexbox range of post boxes and multiple occupancy post boxes are being developed and designed by professional architects and designers. They are stylish solutions that match the architecture, blend in with their environment and offer high quality in all details.
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20 years of mailboxes

Flexbox sells post boxes of the highest quality. Flexbox sells directly to you without intermediaries. It gives you a price with no equivalent in the market and direct contact with us which ensures that both the product works and that you are satisfied. In the long run.

Product information


What is least visible to the eye is what affects the life of the letter box most. Flexbox post box solutions are manufactured in hot-galvanised thick plate metal that is powder coated. The plate thickness is 1 mm. The thickness of exposed areas such as roof, slot lid and emptying lid is 1.5 mm. Other details of the post box are stainless.


Flexbox Lovisa and Karl are P-certified in the highest quality class. This involves a lock with 500 different key combinations and that it is tested against both water penetration and attempted burglary with a screwdriver. With Flexbox Lovisa and Ludvig, you can safely receive packages up to 8 x 25 x 35 cm. The patent pending lid construction opens easily and conveniently for the postman, but keeps thieves and prying eyes away, thanks to its “fishing” protection. The postal service, Bring/Citymail, the Free Postal Operators’ Association, newspaper publishers and trade unions have issued requirements and recommendations as to what a P-certified post box should look like and contracted the Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) to test and certify the postboxes. The first post box to satisfy these requirements was Flexbox Lovisa.


AB Flexbox has an international PCT patent. For customers, this means that you can rest assured your Flexbox is the real thing.

Care instructions

Although Flexbox post boxes are of the highest quality, there are still things that have to be cared for if the guarantee is to remain valid. The lock and hinge should be oiled every year. The external surface should be cleaned from time to time with soapy water.


Flexbox is generous in assessing warranties - we help rather than hinder. The standard is a three-year manufacturer’s warranty; nothing more is needed. The materials, paint etc. give the letter box full protection for as long as you plan to use it. Warranties are valid in Sweden and the countries in which AB Flexbox operates.